Category: UX Design

Forcing native email client

Seems like a great idea and eye-pleasing UI, but asking users to set up native email client to provide feedback about the app is ridiculous. You could have just set up a web view or form for this.

iOS 7 Challenges

Another example of the new UI elements that were introduced in the latest iOS 7. Took me quite a lot of time to notice the button at the right top – “Salon Info”. A simple label text change could improve the readability.  

Shame on you, 500px

The number of social networks and different web services may be overwhelming for many people, including me. It’s easy to get lost in the stream, and everybody is fighting for customers, fighting hard, and it’s going to be even worse. So, what do you do, when you want to convert inactive users into active? Send…

Shame on you, Foursquare

Almost every time I am using Foursquare mobile app I get so confused about the sort order in the list of their suggested venues. Here is a perfect example: Listen, Foursquare, when I search for a venue around my area, I want them to be sorted by the distance, not by who paid you more…

Shame on you, Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a great product I love using myself. However, when it comes to their newsletter, they are driving me nuts. I am still receiving newsletter to my old email address, which I removed a while ago. In fact, I receive two copies – one to my current email, and one to my old email.…

Good job, MailBox!

I was pleasantly surprised, when I sent an email to myself using MailBox (→) app for iPhone, and it showed up as Note to self. Very smart. It would be even smarter, if the app automatically created a list with the same title and suggested to save such emails to this list. Still, nice feature.