Benefits of Prototyping


Why you should prototype

A real story about one entrepreneur, let’s call her Denise.

Denise has been working hard on launching her new technology startup. Her team of designers, developers, and QA has spent 10 months crafting the experience to make it look, feel, and function exactly how she envisioned. Finally, it’s (close to) perfect and she releases it to her customers only to realize that they are not exactly raving about it, it’s confusing, clunky and doesn’t solve the problem the way she thought assumed it would. She raises her hands to the sky and shouts “Why??? Oh, why didn’t I listen to my good old friend Kirill from”… and then she gets back to work re-work (of course, after trying to come up with a good reason for her VCs why she hadn’t validated her assumptions earlier).

The cost of such mistakes could easily double the development time, or could even cause you lose precious time before your competition shows up with a better product (because they did listen).

One of the main tools to significantly reduce the risk of something nobody needs or can’t figure out how to use is prototyping, or more precisely – Rapid Prototyping.


There are a lot of advantages of product prototyping which I will cover later, but if I had to summarize – prototyping reduces the cost and risks and increases the chances of creating successful products. It can literally save your company a ton of time, money and make your product experience a delight. Who doesn’t want that, right? (Well, maybe a monopoly wouldn’t be as concerned =)

However, rapid prototyping is a tool, and every tool has its pros and cons. If used properly, the value of prototyping can be tremendous. If not – the insights can lead you down the wrong path. On this website, I will be teaching you everything you need to know to extract the best value from Prototyping.