Notes – “REWORK” by Jason Fried (37signals’)


Notes for the book “Rework” (Buy on Amazon)

  • Cut the “menu”
  • Focus on something┬áconstant (amazon – fast/free shipping, return policy, etc).
  • If anything takes more than 2 weeks, bring other people to take a look.
  • Break project into stages.
  • Don’t try to overcome competitors, but change the rules and get something new.
  • Don’t memorize what a customer wants, if it’s really important he will remind you many times.
  • Build audience, not direct marketing; speak, write, blog, tweet, make videos…
  • Teach people something, share your knowledge in this same industry.
  • Let them to your backstage.
  • Hire somebody only when it hurts, when you really can’t do all.

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