Shame on you, 500px


The number of social networks and different web services may be overwhelming for many people, including me. It’s easy to get lost in the stream, and everybody is fighting for customers, fighting hard, and it’s going to be even worse. So, what do you do, when you want to convert inactive users into active? Send them many newsletters, so they don’t forget your name. But what can you do, when user unsubscribes from all your emails? That’s right, you just ignore this and keep sending your desperate reminders about yourself, hoping that they won’t notice your spam among hundreds of other emails.

500px seems to be a nice and promising startup, it has potential. And I kind of know one of the founders. But seems like they are one of those companies who are ready to mess with user experience just to remind people about their existence by sending Spam. Disappointing, but I still hope it’s a bug =)

Today, I received another newsletter from which I was willing to get unsubscribed, and what did I find?

500px Spam

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